We assist our clients with a variety of litigation support by means of damage quantification or other relevant quantifications through our thorough investigative procedures and ability to act as expert witnesses in both civil and criminal matters.

Mitigating fraud risk by taking preventative measures is not always enough and a reactive approach is sometimes required. We offer a variety of reactive investigation methods and each method is tailored to suite our client’s specific needs and provide our clients with sufficient findings to support further legal action if so required.

Our Risk Management services provide organisations with the required tools to effectively manage their fraud and other risks by enabling the organisation to have effective controls that first prevent the fraud from occurring, detect as soon as fraud happens and respond effectively to fraud incidents.

We provide detailed, focused and targeted workshops aimed to equip all employees with the required understanding of the causes of fraudulent activity as well as the impact it has on the business and them as individuals. We also provide workshops on how to optimize efficiency in the workplace to prevent unnecessary risk to the business.